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Lands of nobles and peasants proud and industrious, as evidenced by the splendid patrician villas with their superb cellars and farmhouses surrounded by stretches of vine rows.
The “Enological School” of Conegliano was the point of reference and then an innovative force after the two world wars.
Above all the first, the Great War, which on these shores turned into legend, left desolate lands and abandoned vineyards.
The heroic deeds of the Battle of the Solstice followed the courage and resistance of the people who non-stop worked on their rebirth.
Since then the journey continues in the direction of qualitative evolution. Enogastronomy, history, beauty of the landscape, emotions of a territory that can not but enchant.


We are a lively group of entrepreneurs and farmers with over 600 hectares of vineyards, who in a modern and dynamic world have decided to create together a “Supply Chain Project” in order to convey the wide range of local products to the final consumer in a more effective and efficient way, providing the best quality-service-price ratio.
The company has been producing wines for over 40 years offering its customers high quality products, impeccable service with constant research of the most innovative packaging, to best express our values and the quality of the territory to which we belong, enhancing the commitment of the winemakers and employees of the group.
From the vine to the table, the careful hand and tested experience of our winemaker makes us always ready to understand the taste and needs of those who choose us, worrying about constantly refining the cellar practices and production techniques.